69 year old Husband forced by Wife to live on front Lawn – ‘don’t feed him it just encourages him’…..

So there’s a guy in Texas whose wife kicked him out of the family home and changed the locks.

Now he sleeps in the front yard – or by the pool in the backyard when he wants privacy.

Freedom360 Shade

He finds shade under the trees during the day.

The neighbours leave him blankets and food, but the wife takes them away, because it just ‘encourages him’

As she says ‘If you want you can keep him at your house.’

At least there’s worse places to camp out!

Freedom360 Lawn

Let’s face it folks.

Even the best marriage therapist in the world isn’t going to sort this out.

“Darling, I am sorry for making you sleep on the front lawn like a Gorilla for 6 months…”

“That’s ok, I forgive you’…

Even Jerry Springer might be stumped on this one, and he’s the expert on resolving matrimonial conflict.

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