7 Fun Facts about Amazon (For People Who Want Extra Income)

Amazon has grown at an explosive pace.

The company is now among 2nd most valuable on the planet in terms of market capitalisation.

It has almost single-handedly changed the way people shop.

As a result, a plethora of opportunities have opened up. In fact, over 140,000 people now make over $100,000 in sales selling on Amazon.

But why is this the case? What is it about Amazon that makes it such a great income-generating opportunity for everyday people.

7 Mind-Blowing Facts about Amazon for People that Want Extra Income

There are many things that make Amazon one of the world’s leading companies. Here are the most important ones:

1. 49% higher brand value

Amazon is the 2nd most valuable company in the world after Apple – in fact it’s edging it’s way to a $1 trillion dollar value (1 million x $1 million). It’s not $778 million.

Compared to 2017, the brand increased its value by 49%, which is among the highest jumps.

2. More than 200 million unique visitors a month

In June 2018, 202.5 million people visited the various Amazon sites. This is more than any other e-commerce other platform of the sort.

It’s even giving the top ‘adult entertainment sites’ a run for their money – not easy!

3. Bigger than the largest brick and mortar retailers combined

Recently, Amazon stocks reached US$1 trillion market cap.

This is more than the combined market caps of all major US retailers, which includes Dow Jones components Walmart and Home Depot.

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4. 44% of all online sales

In 2017, Amazon accounted for 44% of all e-commerce sales in the US. This only shows how massive it is, and my bet is Amazon Australia, will soon have comparable market dominance. They are just warming up!

5. 65% of buyers shop because of the prices

The main reason why people buy on Amazon is the low prices. Aside from this, the biggest factors are free shipping and positive product reviews.

6. More than 563,000 employers

More than 563,000 people work at Amazon. Among other tech companies, this is more than Facebook, Google and Alibaba combined.

Great to see, also the big pay rise for their US staff recently.

7. 53% of third-party sales

In 2017, 53% of all items sold on Amazon came from third-party sellers. This generated revenue of US$31.88 billion from allowing other people to sell on Amazon, which is nearly 40% higher than 2016.

Many of those people are Amazon sellers  – like myself – and you if you want to get started.

Easy Next Step 

As you can see, Amazon has never been bigger and will only continue to grow.  It’s the elephant in the room

The big bambino! The King Kong walking through Mainstreet…

This is all the more reason you need to start your own business as an Amazon seller, if you are looking for extra income.

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