7 of your biggest property investing problems SOLVED in 1 day

“The Deal of a decade comes along every week…when you know how to find it”

So true!  Every day, I chat to fellow investors doing amazing deals. 

Splitting 1 block of land into 5 smaller land lots…. Duplexes that make 6 figure price gains before settlement….Cashflow deals that give investors $35,000 per year passive income. 

And, so many more sensational deals, of all shapes and sizes. 

Yet, there are also big challenges facing property investors today. 

The good news is, at Deals on Fire, you’re going to hear solutions for how to overcome the biggest challenges – and make healthy profits. 

YES, Please Help Me Solve the 7 Biggest Problems in Real Estate – Reserve my FREE Ticket to Deals on Fire now

  • Property prices too high? – You’ll discover how to find properties for as little as $400,000 with stellar growth potential.   Research secrets learnt from over $1 billion of property transactions. 
  • Interest rates potentially going up? – You’ll learn how to help protect yourself from this by buying positive cashflow properties –  with up to an 8% yield. This can help to ease any negative cashflow in your portfolio. 
  • Lending criteria tightening – You’ll learn how to make money in real estate – even without you getting a bank loan.
  • Don’t have enough money to invest. – You’ll learn strategies to make money in real estate – even without having a deposit, or even a high income. 
  • Unsure about the economy and property market – You’ll learn how to make money whether the economy goes up or down or sideways.  And you’ll learn how to make money in real estate – whether property prices go up or down or sideways. 
  • Rental yields are too low – or your portfolio is negative cashflow – You’ll learn how to buy a $500,000 property that could potentially give you as you much as $20,000 per year positive cashflow. That’s net money in your pocket after loan repayments and property expenses. This can help to skyrocket your portfolio’s net cashflow. 
  • Hard to find the best deals – It can be hard to find truly sensational deals. You’ll learn how ‘pro-investors’ get the best deals – at below market prices. (hint, not on realestate.com.au). You’ll even learn how you can get ‘golden deals’ found for you.

So, as you can see, you’ll get many of the biggest challenges with property investing solved – all in one jam-packed day. 

Over 1,506 people are already registered for this incredible event. So grab your ticket now, because some of the venues are already nearly at capacity.

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