8% rental yield in a capital city?

This is Adrian from Melbourne – a wonderful guy.

He’s passion is helping Children with a disability be all they can be, and get the best out of life.

He wants to create more passive income to have more freedom and choices in life.

Luckily, he met Helen Tarrant, Australia’s queen of Cashflow in November last year.

She helped him find a deal in Melbourne…with a healthy 8% yield…by February this year.

That’s quick moving…

And, in today’s low interest rate environment that means it’s heavily positive cashflow, after loan repayments.

Best part? He bought the property for well under $300,000.

What did Adrian say next: Helen, help me find the next deal!

If you want to find highly positive cashflow properties in capital cities, then come and meet Helen at ‘Deals on Fire’ this weekend….

But please be quick because tomorrow will be the LAST chance you get to register – as all the 3 remaining events are close to capacity.

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