A 6am Cold Shower for the Sydney Property Market!

One of my daily habits is a cold shower to wake me up in the morning.
I find it gets me going, and gets my blood circulating well. 

The secret to enduring the freezing water? 

You acclimatise yourself, by starting of warm…then go colder….then colder…

And before you know it…you are in Polar Bear land! 

The reason I mention this is, as you know, the government is trying to pour ‘cold water’ over the Sydney and Melbourne market to cool things down. 

And certainly, investors are cooling off on the Sydney market.
In fact, a recent study by Momentum Wealth showed that just 23% of investors believe now is a good time to buy in Sydney. 

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Here’s how one Sydney investor, Helen Tarrant is dealing with the crazy high prices in her local market. 

She’s not buying residential in Sydney – In fact, she’s primarily focussed on commercial property now. Here’s why. 

How to get up to 7 x more positive cashflow per week! 

Here’s two positive cashflow properties in her portfolio – both valued at $590,000. 

One’s a residential home in central coast NSW.

The other is a commercial property is a large regional city. 

Now, net positive cashflow means net income in Helen’s pocket after expenses. 

As you can see, property #2 is giving Helen 7 x more positive cashflow per week…for the same valued property. 
$490 per week positive cashflow vs $59.50 positive cashflow per week.

This is why commercial property could potentially fast-track your financial dreams.

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