A Master Chef’s $3-Million-dollar kitchen!

On Sunday I had some drinks with a judge from Masterchef, Tetsuya Wakuda.

He’s a good friend of Nhan Nguyen, the development superstar.

Anyway we got to talking about Renovations.

I mentioned that I had gone about 30% over budget on a recent Reno.

That was $15k over budget, and we still made $69,000 profit in 3 months, so I am not complaining.

But, here’s the shocker.

Tetsuya mentioned he also went over budget at his kitchen in Sydney.

By how much. $1 million!

He spent about $3 million on that baby.

It had to be installed with a crane! Luckily he’s a great business man – his companies actually catch the fish and crab etc. he uses in his restaurant. So, he’ll make the numbers work.

Just goes to show, there’s always a next level to play at.

Same with property investing – there’s always a next level to play at.

That’s why, if you’re looking to step up to the next level, join Todd Polke for a one-day property wealth-building-event.

Because it’s your chance to discover how to buy 3 properties in the next 3 years – even if you’re on an average income.

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