“Advice to Hilary Clinton – Have a Martini and put your feet up…”

So the final Trump vs Clinton Debate is on today.

It’s a bit of a non-event, because based on the polls, the election result is done and dusted.

So as long as Secretary Clinton doesn’t rock up in a Hells Angels Jacket….it’s in the bag for her.

She could put her feet up, sip a Martini and let Donald talk away….and she would still win the election.

In fact, given Donald’s mental state at the moment, that’s not a bad strategy…

But there’s another great debate, that’s more relevant to us property investors.

Positive Cashflow vs Capital Growth

In one corner, “cashflow hounds” say buying a property that loses you money each month is dumb.

If the rent doesn’t cover the expenses – and then some – don’t buy it.

Other folks say, that they’ve made millions through blue chip properties…that might cost them a bit of money each month to hold.

So why bother with cashflow properties that don’t deliver as much as growth – only to make $50 a month or so.

However, there is another way….

Nhan Nguyen has got a strategy to hold blue chip properties and still get passive income from them – many $1,000’s each month.

In fact, this simple trick allowed him to retire before his 35th birthday.

(He’s since got back into work, because he found fishing every day got boring).

The good news is, he’s going to show you how to do it at his upcoming event.

So if you haven’t already join over 580 property investors in grabbing your free ticket now

Hope to see you there!

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