After a divorce Rob had to rebuild his property portfolio all-over. Here’s how he did it

For veteran investor Rob Flux, real estate had long been a part of his wealth creation strategy.

He invested in several properties and built up a profitable portfolio, putting him on track for retirement by age 40.

“I bought my first home at 18, first investment at 21,” he says.

“Then I got divorced at 37 and had to start again.”

With his prior experience and success in property investing, Rob knew through personal experience that investing in real estate works.

But he was impatient: “I’d been doing property for so many years and I wanted to take it up a step. That adds a bit more risk,” he says.

Rob was ready to take his investing to creative heights.

While most engage a mentor to gain an education, Rob felt he had already ticked that box himself – and instead, needed someone to help him take his results to the next level.

So Rob began working with Nhan Nguyen, which allowed him to expand his network and drastically improve his investment outlook.

“I used Nhan for different purposes to most; a lot of people use him for education. I had a lot of that knowledge but I was looking for someone to shadow me in a sense,” he says.

“Through mentoring I was able to get insights to do with my own specific, individual challenges and issues.

It was me doing most of the work and him sanity checking; in most instances I already made up my mind I was going to him to anoint the decision.”

The path to financial freedom

Rather than adopting an average ‘buy and hold’ strategy, Rob has embarked on developments and subdivision deals.

When he realised that these types of projects represented his path to financial freedom, he also recognised that it required a savvy set of skills and contacts to pull it off.

That’s when he turned to Nhan, who in turn introduced him to all the right people.

“Nhan introduced me to the right networking contacts – to people who can assist me with solving the problems I needed to achieve at different times, such as town planners [and] other industry contacts,” Rob explains.

“There were also times where he made me look at things differently. I come from a problem-solving background in my previous careers, and Nhan helped me see the problems from a different angle.”

Now working on property developments full time, Rob is enjoying great success in his new career.

“I no longer work a day job. I have four projects underway in the moment, all scattered across Brisbane in Clayfield, Paddington, Everton Park and Kenmore. It’s a mix of splitter blocks, a five-unit site and a one-property-into-four development. They’re certainly keeping me busy!” he says.

He also believes that the possibilities for success in the world of property investment are endless, provided you’re educated about what steps to take next.

“Education is key – that’s point number one,” he says.

“You also just need to do something towards your goal every day. It just has to be one task,” Rob adds.

“Sometimes you might spend 2-3 hours on it; the next day it could be 5 minutes. You’ll find that each one of those things add up and in six months’ time, you’ll have achieved so much without even realising it.”

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