Airpilot Lands in wrong country!

Recently an Air Asia Pilot was travelling from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur.

They took off from Sydney on the wrong runway due to faulty navigation equipment.

This set them off on the wrong track.

Normally, they would have just landed in Sydney and tried again.

But poor weather stopped them from doing that.

So they were forced to land in Melbourne Australia – not their intended destination of Malaysia!

See this is why you always need a Navman when travelling anywhere!

But we all make mistakes.

And many folks make mistakes when property developing.

Take Nhan for example.

He once bought a large block and split it into multiple blocks so he could put houses on each block.

But he had forgotten to get a soil test done when he bought the land.

Turns out that the soil was too sandy so he had to pay $10,000’s per block to fix it up.

He still made a profit – but much less than he would have.

Now of course, he has added a soil test to his 21-point due diligence checklist so he never misses a thing.

That’s why it pays to attend the Fast Track Real Estate Webcast tonight.

Because you learn how to avoid problems like this – so you’re on the fast-track to real estate profits.

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