(Amazing story) How a 61-year-old guy from Brisbane made $106,000 in 8 months – by finding a ‘free’ block of land

Graeme was a hard working everyday Australian.

He was earning good money. But was working hard slog. 12 hour days.

Not only that, he feared for his job prospects for the future – because of uncertainty in his industry.

He knew he needed a different way to move forward if he was ever going to enjoy financial security and choices in life.

Luckily, he met property investor Nhan Nguyen at a real estate education conference.

Nhan showed him how to create big money through small developments.

Soon after, found a perfect development block not far from his home.

It was a home on a large block.

He realised he could easily split the block into two – effectively getting a free block of land.

Graeme bought this old home – and split it into two so he could put two houses on the site.

Within days he had secured the property – and then he got to work in getting the 2 lots ready to sell.

The project took nearly eight months from start to getting paid – which was a little longer than he expected. But, the project still made $106,000 after all expenses!

A great result, considering he only put about 5 hours a week into the project.

Now, he plans to complete 5 or 6 deals like this each year.

This is his pathway to a financially independent life. Now, he’s in the driver’s seat of his financial future.He feels in control.

Plus, because he only spends a few hours a week developing properties – he’s got an abundance of spare time for fishing…and travelling to places like Barcelona on holiday.

And now you can discover how to live this sort of lifestyle too – at a free event with Graeme’s mentor, Nhan Nguyen

How to turn $0 into $53,000 in 8 months

But here’s the most amazing part.

Believe it or not, Graeme didn’t put a cent of his own money into this deal.

Nhan, showed him how to get someone else to fund the deal – and then they split the profits 50%-50%.

Sure, he made less money – about $53,000. But, he still turned $0 into $53,000.

And now, Nhan’s going to show you how to do small developments for big money…even without putting money into the deal yourself…at his new ‘Small Developments Made Easy’ event.

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