(Amazing story) How to turn $0 into $50,000 in property

Many investors are ‘stopped’ from getting into the market, because they don’t have a deposit.

This has never been a problem for Nhan. In fact, he’s done over 20 deals….often with none of his own money down.

For example, here’s a deal he did in 2009.

“In 2009, I came across a block of land in Bulimba, about 4km from the Brisbane CBD, and decided that it would be an excellent site to build a house. I knew the market well and, being an upper market area, knew houses were selling for about $900,000.

“I bought the land for $350,000 and built a house on it for $300,000, with an extra $50,000 required for stamp duty and other purchasing costs.

I got the upfront capital needed by getting an investor friend to put up $150,000 equity as a deposit and I borrowed the rest from the bank.

“By the time the house was completed the GFC had hit and the market was pulling back a bit. We didn’t get $900,000, but still got $840,000 and plenty of profit.”

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Here’s how the numbers worked for Nhan.

Purchase price: $650,000
Extra costs: $90,000
Money down: $0
Sales price: $840,000
Profit: $50,000 (50/50 share of $100,000)
Now, you may say $50,000 – that’s not that much!

But, that’s profit in Nhan’s back pocket – how long would it take you to save $50,000?

And think about this – if you can turn 0 into $50,000 what’s your return on investment?

It’s effectively an ‘infinite ROI’ because you’ve put $0 into the deal.

Plus, your risk is lower too, because you’re utilising other people’s money.

The truth is, you can possibly build vast wealth putting these sort of ‘win/win’ deals together –you just need to know how.

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