Amazon Australia Launched Today! (I think I’ve died and gone to one-click heaven)

Finally, Amazon Australia has launched in Australia.

So, you can now buy a whole range of products on Amazon Australia – in 26 categories.

(I think I’ve died and gone to one-click heaven).

But, seriously though here’s the exciting part… you don’t just need to be a consumer on Amazon.

You can be a wealth creator.

In fact, over 70,000 people already make over $100,000 per year in sales on Amazon.

And many of these people are just everyday people like you and I, who’ve put some products up for sale on Amazon.

This amazing success rate is possible because Amazon make it so easy for you.

Firstly… they let you sell your product to their 100s of millions of loyal buyers in Australia and around the world.

Secondly… they also store, pack and ship your products to your customers for you.

This means you can run your Amazon business in as little as 30 minutes per-day, once it’s up and going.

You just need to find out how to easily source the right product – that you sell for juicy profit margins.

And, that’s what tomorrow nights webinar is about.

Join Amazon selling superstar Sophie Howard on a Free Live webinar to learn how to get started, the right way.

LIVE WEBINAR Wed Night – How to Make Money Selling on Amazon Australia (and Amazon Global)

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  1. Marco Gonzales

    I registered for Saturdays event but I lost the pass


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