An abusive note from my ‘secret admirer’….

I parked the car the other day….and when I got back there was a note on the wind shield.

This is interesting I thought.

A secret admirer?

Not so much.

The letter started ‘Dear Peanut’….and went onto make a lot of unfavourable comparisons about my driving skills.

Turns out the place I parked made it hard for him to reverse out of his drive way.

Made me think. People, devote their time to the wrong things in life.

I glanced at the letter for 10 seconds then went on my merry way…my driving skills remaining blissfully unchanged.

Yet, this guy must have spent a good 20 minutes writing the letter!

What a waste of time and energy.

Here’s the thing.

We are each given 1440 minutes each day.

The question is….

Are you wasting yours? Or investing them?

Hopefully you’re not spending them writing abusive letters like my secret admirer.

Make each minute count today…Take big moves to step up results in your wealth building.

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