Anthony Robbins #1 Way to ‘Photocopy’ Yourself Rich

When Anthony Robbins wanted to master money, what did he do?

Go and read the Wall Street Journal and study financial charts all day?

Go back to university to study finance?

Nope. Here’s what he did.

He interviewed 50 billionaires to find out how they grow, multiply and preserve their wealth!

This is the strategy he calls ‘modelling’ –

And as the name implies, it’s really simple:

You find out what someone who has the result you want does…and then do it!

Or as I like to say….“Photocopy your way’ rich…

I do this in my own life as well.

My mentor runs 20 million odd business and has 10’s of million in real estate etc.

I listen and learn and ask questions.

And do what he suggests.

One time he suggested an idea for my business that I didn’t even think would work.

But, I did it anyway just to humour him.

The results blew my mind!

It’s since resulted in $100,000s of income into one of my businesses.

That was a huge eye-opener for me.

Because, it showed that my current beliefs about what was possible – were WRONG….even thought I was ‘sure’ I knew better!

I was slapped in the face by reality – in the best possible way.

So, here’s a challenge for you.

Think of an area you want to master…

  • Weight loss…
  • Improve your relationships….
  • Getting rich….
  • Become a full-time real estate investor
  • Improve your career/results at work

And find the ‘very best person in the world’ in that area that you can model….and then model them.

You’ll find you achieve results faster than you can ever imagine.

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    Its really all talk to me, What cost is involved ? You would have volumes of wantabees knocking on your site? How would it be different for me ? Im 52 years young Is AMAZON going to bring me a stable on the side income to support my lifestyle soulpernor interested & interesting ! Cheers
    Darren Harris


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