Are you making any of these 5 big property finance blunders?

Property superstar Todd Polke has helped well over 940 property investors secure investment properties.

And, he’s bought 9 properties himself.

And, he’s found the #1 biggest area that stops property investors growing their portfolio is…

Screwing up their property finance!

  1. They max out their finance too soon by buying the wrong properties, in the wrong order
  2. They approach lenders in the wrong way – so their loans don’t get approved
  3. They don’t understand how to use LMI to their advantage, so they can potentially buy more properties
  4. They don’t know how to select the right properties – so their portfolio gives them a healthy income – rather than bleeding them dry

And of course, they ‘cross collateralise’ – (often, even when they don’t think they are cross collateralising)

That’s why Todd’s going to show you some of the the finance secrets that property millionaires use to buy property after property….

Even in today’s tight lending market. 

Free Webcast – How to Potentially Build a Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio – Even in Today’s Tight Lending Market

For example, one of Todd’s students from Sydney had 4 properties, costing him $31,000 a year to hold.

He was stressed out of his eyeballs!

Using the strategies, you’ll discover, Todd helped him turn the situation around.

He ended up with 8 properties earning him an overall net passive income of $1,300.

That’s a life changing result.

Todd’s going to share with you exactly how he did this at his free webcast.

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