Bad News about the Trump Tax Cut

President Trump has a big, new plan to cut taxes.

He’s plans to cut the corporate tax rate to a very low 20% – as well as give bumper tax cuts to the middle class as well.

Of course, it’s just a plan.

And, there will be a lot of negotiating before it gets made into law.

If it gets made into law.

But here’s a question for you….

Wouldn’t you love a big fat tax cut….that leaves an extra $10,000…$25,000…even $50,000 in your pocket to make life easier – and more pleasurable.

First the bad news…

It’s not going to happen in Australia.

Our government programs such as Medicare and the Pension etc. are way too popular for any sane vote-loving politician to touch.

And, we need our current high tax rate to fund them.

Now some people may try and avoid tax….by setting up companies overseas…buy an ostrich farm…. Or going ‘off-grid’ and living in a cave in Coober Pedy….

But all the work that goes into that…it can become a full-time job!

In fact, here’s what an Accountant to some of Australia’s richest families recently said recently to a friend of mine:

“I can help you offshore your money…and do all sorts of clever gambits…but honestly, you’re better off just focusing on earning more income.”

And, I agree.

Because, then you are in control of your wealth-building.

And you can sleep easy at night – without worrying about an ATO audit.

That’s why I am hosting a jam-packed real estate event for you that’s designed to help you add an extra $25,000…$50,000….even $100,000+ per year to your personal income…


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