BIG News from Amazon

So, big news from Amazon Australia.

“Amazon Prime” has launched in Australia…

What do you get as an Amazon prime member?

The promise is….Free 2 day shipping for 90% of Australian population.

(If you live in middle of Nullarbor desert you’re probably in the 10% that miss out)

Now, Amazon has priced the ‘Prime’ service aggressively at a low $59….

Compare this to the States where over 100 million people pay around $100 USD to be Prime members).

This shows they are pricing this service at ‘rock bottom’ to ‘dominate’ the market here (just as I predicted they would).

And, of course, for us Amazon sellers, this is just more good news….

Because you are effectively partnering with the ‘King Kong’ that’s shaking up Australia’s online shopping world.

Not, only are they expanding their distribution centres at a fast clip – they are now advertising heavily to boost their prime offering.

And, of course, with all the sad news of massive job losses in the News…

There’s never been a better time to create alternative sources of income….

So if you’ve been thinking about starting an Amazon business…think no longer.

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P.S Would you really want to compete against this guy?

He looks like a Geekier version of the Terminator.

Don’t beat him – Join Him.

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