Boss Accused of ‘malicious farting’ Sued for $1.8 million

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And, there’s a good reason for this. While, some people love their jobs, there’s many folks who don’t.

In fact, research shows a staggering 50% of Aussies get bullied or embarrassed in their workplace.

And, these Workplace stresses can take different forms. David Hingst is a perfect example of this.

The Case of the Flatulent Bo ss

David Hingst, a former employee at a construction company sued his boss for bullying.

The reason why David sued his supervisor was for his ‘malicious farting’.

He stated his boss would often hold him down and pass wind near, and even on him. He filed a negligence lawsuit and demanded $1.8 million.

Now, this is obviously gross and humiliating – but the judge didn’t seem to think so.

She said that this wasn’t a form of bullying, but rather just a part of Australian humour.

Since David is German, they blamed the cultural differences for his ‘misinterpreting’ this way of joking around.

Victoria’s Supreme Court dismissed the case, and David didn’t get any kind of compensation.

Unbelievable right?

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