BREAKING – Amazon Game Changer

Amazon is now advertising for a manager for their ‘Amazon Prime’ service in Australia.

This is big news.

That’s because one reason why Amazon dominates e-Commerce in the USA is they are estimated to have up to 90 million Amazon prime member. 

These are folks that pay $99 per year for free 2-day shipping on many items – as well as access to Amazon’s version of Netflix.

Given there’s only 320 million folks in the states…

And a large chunk are too young to use Amazon…that’s a pretty staggering number.

Roughly 25% of the population PAY to be Amazon’s customer.

Oh and are they loyal?

Yes, in fact on average they spend around $1,300 per year on Amazon USD…while Non-prime members spend about $700 USD.

So this will clearly help Amazon sellers in Australia ramp up their sales, big time!

So, if you haven’t already started selling on Amazon in the US and in Australia…

And you’re waiting for a ‘sign’ that this could be the right time, well my friend:

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Personal note: My first product launches on Amazon in a couple of weeks – these things always take a bit longer than expected.

Just having the labels put on now.

But, here’s the beautiful part, once it’s done, it’s done.

Amazon handles the warehousing and shipping etc.

You just need to make sure you keep ordering stock, for when you run out.

And, you keep getting paid by Amazon every 2 weeks.

How to get start getting paid by Amazon every 2 weeks – free webinar tonight 


  1. Patricia

    How much would I need to start selling on amazon and set up?

    • John Anderson

      Hi Patricia, I have forwarded your details to our team. You should hear from them soon.

  2. Jim Liddle

    I am considering selling on Amazon US. My chosen product is very expensive and I’m not sure of how to go about things. Everyone seems to be concentrating on cheap things from China. I am thinking differently.

    • John Anderson

      Hi Jim, someone from our support team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


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