But if everyone’s financial free…who will clean the boats?

So, one of the things Helen Tarrant loves to do is go boating the harbour with her husband and her little guy Max.


Cute kid huh?

Anyway, some one asked on Facebook (perhaps, gasp!, facetiously!)…

“But, if everyone’s financial free with passive income from real estate who will clean all the boats.”

“Well, that’s a problem that we don’t need to worry about” I replied.

Because, as it stands…around 80% of folks are still relying on the Pension in retirement, despite 25 odd years of compulsory uper being in place.

Why? That’s a question for another email.

But, here’s another interesting conversation I had recently, which points out a possible solution for some people.

It was with a guy that has a whole bunch of residential estate. He’s equity rich, cashflow poor.

We worked out that by putting some of his money into commercial property…he could actually replace up to 60% of his income, in the next 12 months.

Who knows…perhaps you could potentially be in a position to replace your income in as little as 12 –24 months from now… instead of the 20 year plan?


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Take Deb from Cairns. She was earning $60,000 per year or so managing a body corp. She bought 1 commercial property for just over $1 million.

And from that deal, she’s getting around $60,000 per year in net passive income.  Just like that…

What would that sort of deal mean for your lifestyle?

What if you did a deal even half that size…giving you $2,000 – $3,000 per month?

What difference would that make? If you’d like to find out more come along and join Helen Tarrant at Real Estate Cashflow Made Easy, and she’ll answer your questions and show you how to get started….

…On the Yellow Brick Road to Cashflow!


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