Café owner ignores armed robber!

Ahmed, a take away shop owner from New Zealand, was recently serving a customer a Souvlaki.

Then a Robber came into his store, branding a gun.

Ahmad, smiled at the guy, ignored the gun, and went back to serving the other customer.

“I passed the customer his food because I wanted him to leave the shop and not be in any danger.”

After serving the customer, he walked away to the back room to call the police.

The robber got confused by all this….he wasn’t’ expecting to be ignored!

And ended up walking away! Wonder what he told his mates in the get-away car.

“My heart was beating quickly, I was scared, but I wasn’t going to show him that.

That is why my nature is cool. I have been 20 years here and never seen any fighting.

In Egypt it happens every day but in New Zealand I am calm because it is a safe country…” says Ahmad to describe the scene.

What a legend!

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