Could you really retire of 1 property deal?

Believe it or not, for some investors, it’s possible to retire with just one property.

Now, this is not recommended, because it’s putting all your eggs in one basket.

However, it’s certainly possible.

For example, here’s a property that Helen bought a couple of years ago.

The property was $2.1 million – so the same price as 2 hovels in Sydney.

And, after all expenses, it nets her $102,000 per year positive cashflow.

Yep that’s around $2,000 a week of passive income –that goes into her bank account, even if she stays in bed all day watching Netflix!

And she’s enjoyed healthy equity gains on this property too.

Now, obviously, there’s much cheaper cashflow deals around – in fact they start at as low as $150,000.…and Helen can show you how to find them too.

However, if you are sitting on some equity….

And you are sick of the 9-5 grind and the daily traffic jam that is Sydney, Bris and Melb peak hour traffic…

A big cashflow deal like this could be something to think about.

Or  maybe deal for half this amount – around the $1 million mark – that gives you around $50,000 per year in positive cashflow would suit you better?

Either way, you may potentially be just 2 or 3 deals away from replacing your income with property….when you learn how find properties like these.

And the good news is, you’ll learn how to scoop up positive cashflow deals like these at your Real Estate Cashflow Made Easy event.

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