(Crazy photo) Does your portfolio look like this?

Seriously….Where is the car planning to go?

Who packed it? Are they for real???

I am not a ‘car guy’….but I can tell you this…

That car is going to travel at a snail’s pace with that load on it.

Also, the driver’s visibility might be a tad low.

Anyway, the reason I sent you this photo, because some real estate portfolios look like this.

They are so saddled with debt…that the investor is weighed down from moving forward.

And, not only that, they don’t have enough cashflow being generated by the portfolio to keep getting loans.

This means, from the banks perspective they are a “no fly zone”.

That’s why I invite you to check out this presentation, with a completely new approach to investing by Helen Tarrant.

She’ll show you how to build a cash-positive portfolio that also gives her great equity gains.

In fact, this strategy, allows her to generate over $4,000 a week net passive income….

Does she have serviceability issues?

Not at all – the banks love lending her money because she’s bringing in so much cash.

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