(Crazy Photo) Was this the worst divorce ever?

One of the biggest threats to your wealth as a property investor is a marriage break-up.

Not only can it be emotionally devastating…it can smash your net worth and portfolio too.

Look what happened to this couple’s home!

Freedom360 Crazy

(If you can’t see the image, it’s a pic of a house cut in half).

Anyway, if you ask a family lawyer what’s the most common cause of marriage breakdown it’s arguments about money.

Here’s what Todd Polke recommends his students do to get on the same page about money.

One night per week, dedicate an hour to a ‘money night’.

You review your financial plans, cashflow, investments etc.

In this way, you can move forward together with confidence…and resolve any problems before the #%t hits the fan.

Hot tip: Have a glass of wine to make it more enjoyable if you wish

Simple idea – big results. Try it yourself.


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