(Crazy story) How $20 made this property investor $2million….

If you’ve ever been in peak hour traffic and fantasized about getting a helicopter home so you could just fly over the endless grid-lock…

Join the club!

And in many cities that’s what the wealthy do – they get a helicopter to work.

Not only might it save them 2 hours in traffic….but it also saves them from the threat of car-jacking etc.

That’s why one property investor had a cunning plan.

He had bought a commercial office building in Jakarta.

Now Jakarta has a population of 9 million – that’s twice as many people as Sydney, and the infrastructure is nowhere near as good.

The traffic is soul destroying.

So helicopters are very popular amongst the elite.

So here’s what this guy did to add value to the site.

He went to the store and bought a $20 tub of paint.

Painted a big white circle on the roof of the building….

Voila – helicopter landing pad!

This, increased the rents, and thus the value of the property by a whopping $2 million.

Amazing right? This shows the power of creative thinking in real estate.

Fact is, there are dozens of simple tricks make money in real estate – that most people are never even told about.

For example, did you know there’s a strategy that allows people to potentially pay off their home loan in as little as 7-10 years instead of 30 years….

Thus potentially saving as much as $450,000 in interest repayments to the bank!

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