(Crazy story) How this guy got $250,000 passive income per year from 1 Deal!

I heard an inspiring story recently about a guy who just made a deal that will give him up to $250,000 of passive income per year….

He bought a block of 8 shops…for around $3 million…

And the deal is now netting him a whopping $21,000 or so a month – after his loan repayments.

This could just be the start of the good news for him too….

Because there’s likely to be ways he can add value too.

He can strata the shops. Put apartments on top of them. Or any number of things to add value.

And the good news is…even if some of the shops are vacant, the cashflow is so high, he’ll still be ahead.

The best part? In just 4 years, he could pay down $1 million of the debt on the property…which will make the cashflow even higher.

What a deal!

Now, I happen to know this deal didn’t happen by luck. This guy took steps to get educated….and take action.

Because, how many people in that area had the capacity to buy the deal….but didn’t even notice it, because they didn’t have the right mindset…

So they just drove past the for sale sign – without giving it a second look.

Fact:The deal of a lifetime comes along every week…if you’ve got your eyes open.

So keep your eyes open….get educated and be ready to take action.

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