Day in the Life of a Professional Investor

I’ve spent the last couple of days with Nhan and 2 of his students.

It’s been fascinating to peek into a ‘day in the life of ‘pro -investors’.

While enjoying a couple of lazy Sunday afternoon drinks, these guys, are reviewing a block in Brisbane and discussing the most profitable ways to cut it up….

(Instead of getting a free block of land in the backyard, they’ve found one on the side of the existing house – so there getting a new block with street frontage!)

Another of them is on the phone every few hours for enquiries about blocks of land that he’s split up in the Brisbane council area.

Meanwhile, another is just about to quit his highly paid job as an engineer to be a full-time investor.

That’s because he’s got enough projects on the go to more than meet his income targets.

In other words, going to work is starting to cost him money!

This means more time with his family – and less stress at work!

The biggest thing I noticed – while some people say ‘where are all the good deals?’

All, 3 of these guys are ‘awash’ with potential deals in the Brisbane/Goldcoast areas.

Under market value….bought direct from sellers….free blocks of land….cracker deals!

It’s all happening!

If you want to get on board the train where deals are a plenty and big money is made weekly….

Then come and connect with Nhan and his students at his upcoming masterclass this coming weekend.

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