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What if you could snag a scorching hot deal like these…

Triplex in the backyard

  • Equity Profit
  • Positive Cashflow

'Quick Flip' Deal

  • Price
  • Sold
  • Settlement to Settlement
    21 Days
  • Profit in 21 Days

Believe it or not, you can easily find deals like these in today’s market – when you know where and how to spot them.

The great news is, you will discover how to find them at ‘Deals on Fire’….

The ‘must attend’ event of 2017 if you want to find the hottest deals in today’s market.

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At Deals on Fire, you’ll discoverwhere these 2-property ‘trail-blazers’ are investing right now

Nhan Nguyen

Small Developments Made Easy

The rich benefit of small developments is you can potentially make a big chunk of money - in a relatively short period of time.

Now, the challenge is there is risks involved – and many people think it’s difficult.

But the truth is, it’s much easier than you’d ever imagined -- when you know Nhan’s Small Development investing formula.

1 big block into 9 lots

  • Profit in 6 Months:

1 big block into 13 lots

  • Profit in 9 Months:

The best part is, with Nhan’s system…

  • You don’t need to have a big deposit saved. In fact, Nhan and his students often do deals, without putting in a cent of their own money.
  • You don’t need a rising market. Because you create your own ‘capital growth boom’.
  • And you don’t need to invest in a far-flung location. You can find cracker deals – even in your own backyard!
  • You can even use Nhan’s simple strategy to create positive cashflow for life. Nhan will show you how to do this at the event

Cracker Deals Being Done in 2017

  • Value in 2015
  • D.A. for 4 townhouses
  • Sold (Settled Mar 2017)
  • Capital gain

2 blocks of land turned into 4

  • Settled
    June 2017
  • Profit in 9 months

  • House Price
  • Project Cost
  • Sold
  • Profit in 8 weeks

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Helen Tarrant

Commercial Cashflow Properties Made Easy

How a salon worker from a migrant family gets over $6,000 per week positive cash flow from commercial property

Helen used to work as a beauty therapist in Sydney. She worked long hours every day. And when she came home at night, she was dog-tired.

Things got worse when she was starting a family. She couldn’t keep up the same pace. So, she decided to replace her working income with income from property.

She tried investing in residential property - but the yields were simply not high enough to replace her income. She got a few hundred dollars a month, but not much growth, and had big tenant issues.

So, she dug a little deeper, and she found she could get much greater cashflow investing in commercial properties - while having secure tenants that stay longer than residential tenants. Another huge advantage in commercial property is that she could “set it and forget it”.

Because she didn’t need to deal with the tenant issues that can come with residential property. So, she began to look for commercial properties that generate massive cash flow, with long term tenants on secure leases of 3 to 5 years or more

And the difference it made to her cashflow was staggering!

For example, compare these two deals in her portfolio, which are both valued at around $590,000.

Residential Cashflow Property

  • Positive CashFlow:

Commercial Property

  • Positive Cashflow:

Yes, that’s right – she’s getting over $400 per week extra cashflow in her pocket from a commercial property, even though they are about the same value.

That means, her commercial property gives her 7 times more positive cash flow than her residential property.

After discovering this, she’s built up a big portfolio of commercial property that pays her more than $4,000 positive cashflow per week!

Now she lives her dream life with her husband and son Max on the North Shore of Sydney.

They feel so blessed to be able to enjoy a lot of their newly found spare time on their new boat.

And, now at “Deals on Fire” she’ll show you how it’s potentially possible to replace your income with as few as 3 properties.

So you can start to get control of your time and your life, and do what you love.

Hot Cashflow Deals Galore in the 2017 Market

  • Price:
  • Positive CashFlow:
    Approx. $20,000/yr + depreciation benefits
  • Price:
  • Positive CashFlow:
    Approx. $2,000/mo
  • Price:
  • Positive CashFlow:
    Approx. $10,421/yr
  • Price:
  • Positive CashFlow:
    Approx. $10,233/yr

*Positive cashflow = net income after loan repayments and property expenses

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How just one new idea Can Elevate Your Wealth…

You’ll discover literally dozens of new strategies, research tips and ideas at this hot new event.

How to buy properties at big discounts…where to find cashflow properties….how to find free blocks of land…how to get instant equity from a deal.

If you put just one of them into action, what difference could that make to your life?

  • What if you find one sizzling hot cashflow deal that gives you an income for life?
  • What if you meet one ‘money partner’ that funds your next deal?
  • What if you find one ‘free block of land’ deal that makes you $170,000?

That’s why attending this event is so important for your wealth future. So join 1000’s of other Australians and reserve your free ticket now.

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Deals on fire Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this event for?

    Everyone from beginners from to seasoned investors will get massive value from this event. That’s because just one little tip could add significant wealth to your bank account, if you apply it.

  • Why is the event free?

    All of the investing experts speaking will have offers available to personally support you as you grow your investment portfolio.

    We thought the best way to help you choose if any of them are right for you, would be to offer a full day of their best ideas and tips.

    This way you can ‘try before you buy’ on the day. And, even if you don’t choose to go ahead with any ongoing support, you’ll learn a stack about real estate and wealth creation on the day.

  • Can I bring a friend?

    Yes, you can – just send them to this page to register or call 1300 001 070.

  • I can’t make the dates. Are you running this again?

    As you can imagine, this is a big logistical feat to bring together, so at this stage we don’t have any other events planned. So, please do whatever you can to be there.

  • Will it be catered?

    Tea, coffee and juice will be available for you on arrival.

    Got a question that hasn’t been covered? Call the office on 1300 001 070 – we’re here to help you.

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FREE ticket $495

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