Did this Kid discover an ancient Mayan city – using star maps?

Did you hear about the Canadian kid who may have discovered an Ancient Mayan city….using only star constellations…

He’s fascinated by the ancient central American civilisations and spends his evenings studying diagrams of known Mayan cities.

He also looks at Constellation maps (maps of star patterns) because the Mayan’s were big believers in Astrology.

What he found was that the two appeared to be linked – and this allowed him to pinpoint exactly where a new city should be….

What happened next is amazing…. As the Telegraph reports:

“The Canadian Space Agency agreed to train its satellite telescopes on the spot and returned with striking pictures: what appears to be an ancient Mayan pyramid and dozens of smaller structures around it.

If the satellite photographs are verified, the city would be among the largest Mayan population centres ever discovered”

He’s called the potential city ‘K’aak Chi’ which means Fire Mouth.

And now his mission is to go to the site to explore it.

While, it’s yet to be verified what’s really there – they need to send out a team to investigate – he’s certainly an inspiring kid – good on him!

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