Disgusting wealth secret from a world champion hot dog eater!

Have you heard about the world of ‘competitive eating’?

People have competitions to see who can eat the most amount of food in a set time.

For example…how many hotdogs can you eat in 10 minutes.

Now, I’m all for humans striving for excellence through competitive endeavours…

But this is gross!

But anyway, let me tell you a story about a gigantic breakthrough in this refined activity.

There was a time, in this sports infancy, where people would only gobble around 10 hotdogs in 10 minutes.

However, then after weeks of practice, one guy invented a new strategy that blew everyone else out of the water.

He started separating the sausage, and the roll.

The sausage, he would just slide down his throat – whole, unchewed.

And, the bun he would guzzle down as a wet mash using glasses of water.

(Hey, I told you this was a disgusting in the subject line of the email – you were warned!)

This was an incredible breakthrough.

He was able to guzzle 63 hotdogs in 10 minutes! Wowsers.

What’s the wealth lesson here?

Well like competitive eating, creating wealth is all about strategy – finding the smartest, quickest and best way to achieve your result.

And this might be different to what most people do.

Take Nhan Nguyen for example.

He doesn’t go onto realestate.com.au or speak to an agent and just buy any old deal.


He has buyers contact him to sell a property – before they even speak to an agent.

This means, he’s able to get cracker discounts on properties of up to $50,000 + – even in healthy markets.

Want to know more? Come and join Nhan at a free webcast and get started on the journey to being a ‘fast track’ investor.

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