Donald Trump’s #1 Wealth Enemy

Here’s a ‘’money rule’’ of Donald Trumps that you may not know.

Trump lives by the principle that ‘’expenses” are the enemy.

Whenever an expense is over $10,000 he insists on approving it personally.

Yes, even though he’s a billionaire.

“The day I stop caring about $10,000 is the day I need to get the hell out of business” he says.

You can only save so much though – because your fixed living expenses and the taxman take such a big bite.

That’s why you also need to focus on strategies to skyrocket your income – whether it’s though buying positive cashflow properties…starting a spare time business…or getting a raise at work or a new job.

Focussing on these things – saving more and making more – means you can buy more properties faster – and enjoy a great lifestyle too.

So write down 10 ideas on how to save money and 10 ideas on how to boost your income – you’ll be amazed at what you come up with.


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