Dope plants in the backyard of your rental property?

Helen used to work as a beauty therapist in Sydney. She worked long hours every day. And when she came home at night, she was dog-tired.

Things got worse when she was starting a family. She couldn’t keep up the same pace. So, she decided to replace her working income with income from property.

She tried investing in residential property – but the yields were simply not high enough to replace her income.

She got a few hundred dollars a month, but not much growth – and had big tenant issues.

For example, she got a call from her gardner one day, telling her that there was Marijuana Plants growing in her backyard!

She told the gardner to help himself!

Not only that, the tenant’s son had put graffiti on the wall – and thrown a beer bottle through a window.

All of these things were eating into the cashflow she was getting. In fact, it cost her $1,000s to evict them.

So, she dug a little deeper, and she found she could get much greater cashflow investing in commercial properties – while having secure tenants that stay longer than residential tenants.

Another huge advantage in commercial property is that she could “set it and forget it”.

That’s because her commercial tenants took care of the property, like it was their own, because it was their place of business.

Here’s an example of a $590,000 property she bought recently that gives her $490 a week of positive cashflow.

She’s bought heaps of cash-cows like this – in fact now they give her an ‘auto-pilot’ passive income of over $4,000 per week.

Want to learn how to do it? Come to her free webcast tonight and discover how to invest in commercial property the right way.

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