Embarrassing success lesson from a 6-year-old capitalist

“Daddy, can you please take me to the neighbour’s house…I want to sell my artwork” 

This is what my little 6-year-old girl said to me last Thursday night. 

I wasn’t as excited as she was. 

I felt a bit “uncomfortable” going door to door selling Sophia’s pictures. 

Kind of like the Mormons of the Art world. 

But, I did it, because I want to encourage her entrepreneurial spirit. 

So, we went around to a few houses….and far from making people uncomfortable as I feared…

They loved it. 

People thought it was so cute, seeing her little hustle. 

Oh, and she raked in the cash too

Made about $3.50 in 10 minutes’ work. 

Here she is on another side hustle…

She’s sticking on names and addresses on welcome letters for the big “Deals on Fire” event. 

One down, 2,601 to go!

She’s nearly saved enough to get the Lego Friends set she wants. 

And after that….her goal is….World Domination!

Or more likely, more Lego. 

The big lesson from our little door knocking adventure is ‘ask for what you want’. 

Whether it’s a…

Raise at work
A joint venture partner for a project 
A discount on a property 
You see, here’s the interesting thing.  I was the only one who felt nervous about our door knocking escapade. 

Sophia felt fine.  No problems at all. 

She just wanted to rake in the cash to get the Lego.

In fact, she insisted we sell every bit of art work before we went home. 

You see, as we get older we start to get ‘baggage’ around going for what we want. 

Let it go. Go for it. 

You have nothing to lose but your chains! 

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