Everyone has a plan, till they get punched in the face

The famous boxer Mike Tyson once said…

‘”Everyone has a plan; till they get punched in the face.”

And it’s true. Life throws us curve balls.

Death, divorce, disease, and all other manners of distress.

That’s why it’s vital you not only have a plan for each area of your financial life.

A plan for elevating your income…protecting your assets…multiplying your money through leverage in property…. paying less tax….growing your investment empire…and much more.

But also a ‘plan B’…if this happens, then I’ll do this, and if this happens I’ll do this.

In this way, you can become like the Chess Master thinking 5 moves ahead in your finances….while everyone else is just hanging out for the weekend.

Then you can potentially reap the rewards of financial freedom much sooner – and also be prepared for when life punches you in the face!

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