FAQ about Nhan’s Small Developments Made Easy Event

100’s of people have already registered for Nhan’s Small Developments Made Easy event.

And I’ve had my inbox flooded with questions. So I wanted to answer them for you now…

Does Nhan’s system work well in today’s market?

Nhan’s investing system is perfect for today’s market, because unlike traditional investing…

1.You don’t need to have a big deposit saved.

In fact, Nhan’s students often do deals without putting in a cent of their own money.

2.You don’t need a rising market. Because you can potentially create your own ‘capital growth boom’…

3.And you don’t need to invest in a far-flung location.

You can find potential ‘cracker’ deals – even in your own backyard!

You can even use Nhan’s simple strategy to create positive cashflow for life.

Nhan will show you how to do this at the event, with many real life examples.

What’s Nhan’s ‘secret sauce’ and why is it different?

Nhan’s secret is to find deals where you can get into the deal, make money, and get out in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of work.

So he doesn’t just wait for years for capital growth. And often he doesn’t even put any money into the deal himself.

The reason he focuses on these sort of deals, because it lowers your risk and gives you the quickest path to cash.

What will I learn at the free event?

You’ll learn a truckload. It’s a 4-hour masterclass that we could easily charge $250 for. But here’s a sample.

How 2 investors made over $98,000 profit in under 4 months – by using a little known website. Not re.com.au or domain, or a foreclosure website. But it’s packed with bargains!

How a full time carer made just shy of $500,000 profit. Without putting a cent of her own money into the deal

How to find a ‘free’ block of land in your own suburb. Where almost no one else can see it.

How a NSW investor got $200,000 of extra money to buy real estate – using just her mobile phone!

Where to find sizzling cashflow deals– within 15km of the capital city. Yes, do they exist. Here’s how to find them.

Backyard Dollars! How an everyday employee turned her own backyard into a $140,000

​The ‘magic sentence’ to say to real estate agents to find ‘cracker deals’. Works like a charm almost every time
And much more. So if you haven’t grabbed your seat yet…hustle on over and do that now, because they will be all gone soon.

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