(Finally) Sydney Mum Cracks ‘Rich Dad’ Passive Income Code in Australia


Many Australians interested in wealth creation have been inspired by Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” books.

And, I am one of them.

I love his ‘Cashflow Quadrant’ – how to move from being a PAYG worker working for money…to being an ‘investor’ having money work for you.

BUT…Here’s the big challenge with Rich Dad’s philosophy in Australia.

Kiyosaki’s preaches the idea of positive cashflow.

He only buys property that pays you more than it costs you each month -so you generate a surplus income each month. I.e. a positive cashflow property.

But let’s be honest…only in 1 a 1,000 Australian properties gives you positive cashflow. They are like finding a tiny needle in a giant haystack!

Most leave you with “negative cashflow” each month – i.e forking out money to pay for your properties.

Especially when you consider, as well as your loan, you need to pay:

  • Rates
  • Maintenance
  • Body Corp in some cases
  • Property management fees

Now, yes, there are some regional properties that can give you positive cashflow.

But, you’re lucky if you can make even $50 per week.

This isn’t enough to have you living in luxury – or even comfortably!

But, luckily now a Sydney mum has cracked the code to applying ‘Rich Dads’ rule to create large rivers of passive income from real estate in Australia…

In fact, she’s using it to generate over $870 per week in net passive income – that’s money in her pocket after property loan and expenses.

Her secret? She buys positive cashflow commercial properties, cafes, offices and the like.

And, this comparison of two properties in her portfolio, shows how much better the net cashflow is from commercial properties.

Now both properties are valued at about $590,000.

And, as you can you can see the commercial property is giving her nearly 7 x more positive cashflow!  WOW.

Imagine, if you could buy 2 or 3 properties earning you $490 per week?

What difference would that make to your life?

Could you quit your job sooner?

Go on more holidays?

Pay for the kid’s school fees?

Get a new car? Boat?

Buy more investment properties?

If you’d love to explore some of the rich cashflow advantages of commercial property…come and meet Helen at Real Estate Cashflow Made Easy…a new 2 Hour Masterclass.



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