(Free event) The ‘lazy persons’ guide to big money from small real estate deals

“Get in, get out, get paid’…with the least amount of work, money and risk.

This is Nhan Nguyen’s’ real estate philosophy. 

He doesn’t assume the market will go up, when he’s doing a deal – in fact he makes sure his deals make money…even if the market goes down. 

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Take this deal for example. He bought a house on a large block of land. 

He then split the land up into 9 lots, and sold the land to investors and home buyers. 

He was ‘in and out’ of the deal in 6 months with a chunky $570,000 profit for him and his partners. 

And he didn’t need to even speak to a builder to get this done – he just sold the land lots. 

‘Get in, get out, get paid’…that’s the secret. 

And the amazing part is…he often doesn’t use his own money to fund his deals. 
Sound interesting? 

Come and spend an evening with him in few days to find out how he does it. 

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