Free Financial Dashboard + Property Valuations on Your Smart Phone

Have you heard all the buzz about Monefly – the new free app for getting more control and clarity around your finances?

It gives you instant access to a ton of investment tools, property data, and resources to help you to invest in property and create wealth.

Including free property valuation estimates!

Plus, it helps you easily monitor and manage your property, assets, cash and much more.

Join Monefly Now Free – Take Control of Your Finances

Just some of the advantages Monefly gives you include: 

•    Free property valuation estimates every month for life, for your entire portfolio.

•    Your equity, cash, shares, property and net worth in real time.

•    A single view of all cash, debit, credit card and loan accounts.

•    The ability to set and monitor financial budgets, spending, and goals

•    Connect to your mortgage broker, accountant, financial planner, and other professionals.

•    Check your credit score and much more.

Sign up for your free Monefly account 

It only takes a few minutes to set-up your account and then you are ready to go – it’s that easy.

Imagine all of your financial and property data in one place.

P.S  Monefly can help you to:

1.    Better understand your spending habits
2.    Work on clearing your debts
3.    Set up and monitor financial and spending goals
4.    Calculate your net worth
5.    Monitor your property values, shares, and other assets

And much more. It doesn’t’ cost a cent to download it. So get access now.  

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