(Free Ticket) Real Estate Cashflow Made Easy

This is your last chance to claim your free ticket to Real Estate Cashflow Made Easy, with Helen Tarrant.

You’ll discover….

  • Where to find “set and forget” positive commercial property cash flow properties. The best types of properties to buy in your area.
  • How Helen effectively got an apartment for “free”. Discover how you can enjoy a potential ‘real estate paydays’ by doing this.
  • How Helen got $58,000 extra passive income per year – by going on a 7-day real estate ‘shopping trip’. The best part? I only bought 2 properties, priced at $590,000 and $450,000.
  • Where to find capital city positive cashflow properties for as little as $175,000. See real examples from Helen’s portfolio.
  • Why you could potentially be 3 properties away from retiring. Forget buying 9 properties or more. You don’t need too -when you follow my simple approach.
  • Serviceability issues? Discover how some investors have solved this problem. So they can continue to buy properties through a particular type of loan

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