“(Free Tickets) Real Estate Secrets No One Told You”

Have you heard about property investing superstar Nhan Nguyen

He’s done over $30 million of property deals, before his 37th birthday. 

And, he’s one of the property investing ‘super-stars’ speaking at “Deals on Fire”-  a NEW 1 Day Property Event 

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In these uncertain economy times, now more than ever before, it’s vital you know how to create income and equity on demand through property. 

And at this free event Nhan Nguyen will show you little known strategies like:   

  • How 2 investors made over $98,000 profit in 2 months – by using a little-known website. Not re.com.au or domain, or a foreclosure website. But it’s packed with bargains!
  • No Money Down? How a full-time carer created around $500,000 profit, for her and her partners…in 1 real estate deal. Without putting her own money into the deal.  Discover how she did it. 
  • How to find a ‘free block of land’ in your own suburb. Plus, how to secure it before anyone else. 
  • How a NSW investor got $200,000 of extra money to buy real estate – using just her mobile phone!

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  • Where to find sizzling cashflow deals– within 15km of the capital city. Yes, do they exist. Here’s how to find them.
  • Backyard Dollars! How an everyday employee turned her own backyard into a $140,000

And much more. So if you haven’t grabbed your seat yet…don’t miss out. Hustle on over and do that now, because they will be all gone soon.

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