Funny story (Big mistake at work)

Have you ever made a big mistake at work? Here’s a true story about a guy that did.

Simon used to work at British Telecom.

He was responsible for setting up the call options thing.

Press 1 for customer service 

Press 2 for tech support etc. 

Anyway, just for a gag with his mates, he set up:

 ‘Press 5 To Be Sent to The Black Telephonic Abyss’. 

He thought to himself that he’d remove it later.

The only thing is he forgot to remove it. So, it went live to millions of people.

Ouch!  Did he receive a bollocking from his higher-ups!

No surprise, when BT was offering redundancies and he applied, they snapped up the chance to say “YES Simon, we’d love to be rid of you”.

And, Simon was stoked to be ‘free at last’.

You see, Simon had 2-hour commute on rush-hour trains to and from work each day – and he’s exhausted.  He was sick of the grind, and not having much time for himself and doing the things he loved to do.

He wanted out.

But, here’s the really cool part.

Simon went onto make over $1 million in record time through selling ‘info-products’ online

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