Gold Medalist’s Secret to Make You Rich

When Michael Phelps coach was prepping Phelps for big results in the Olympics he didn’t give him a ‘Ra Ra motivational talk’.

Nope, he gave him daily action plan for the entire year.

The plan outlined the swimming practice he’d do each day for the entire year….

What he’d be eating…

What other supplementary exercises he would do – such as weights etc.

The end result?

Phelps came home weighed down by all his Gold medals!









You see, success is what you do every day!

Now, this reminds me of a secret, I’ve long practiced.


Your Cashflow follows your Calender!

Here’s the secret.

Look at what are the ‘highest income producing’ activities you can do.

If you’re a property person, maybe it’s finding deals, raising money, and making offers.

If you’re an Amazon seller, it’s hunting down great products.

Then look at how much time per week have you got scheduled in to do that. 

I.e scheduled like you schedule a Dentist appointment. 

HINT – The more time you allocate to it, the more money you can make.

So, go have a look at your daily planner look at what income-generating activities you have scheduled.


And, then go ahead and schedule some!

John ‘Schedule Your Success’ Anderson 


P.S One of the highest income activities you can do is to buy a cash-generating property.

Because you buy it once – and then you can get cash flow forever.

Here’s how to get started doing that…

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