Goldcoast – New Playground of the Rich?

Knight Frank, the world’s largest private real estate agency, has recently reported that the global rich are buying up big in the Goldcoast.

– There’s a few factors driving this….

– The beautiful weather…

– The low Aussie dollar….

And it’s relatively low priced compared to other playgrounds of the Rich like St Moritz.
Not only that, there is big infrastructure spend going in to ‘Goldie’ to gear up for the upcoming commonwealth games there.

But, there’s also strong capital growth potential for investors looking at the affordable end of the market.

For example, respected research firm SQM predicts we could see as much as 11% growth this year.

But, as you may know the Goldcoast has been a disaster for many investors who bought into over-supplied high-rises over the years….

So you’ve got to tread carefully before investing there.

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