Guy wins $1,200 for late pizza

It’s no secret that our society is getting more litigious.

Take the recent case around a late Domino’s pizza.

A guy ordered some pizzas on Anzac Day.

They arrived 90 minutes late.

He took Domino’s to court, and won $1,200 for the embarrassment and inconvenience caused.

Domino’s clearly thought this was the biggest BS ever.

“Mr Driscoll’s subsequent damages claim in the Local Court of New South Wales for $9,000 for ‘embarrassment’ he claims to have suffered as a result of this late delivery is unreasonable, completely disproportionate to the inconvenience he suffered, and a waste of the Court’s valuable time.”

It does sound like the guy’s got too much time on his hands – but hey each to their own.

Some people like fishing. Others like boating. Maybe this guy likes suing people.

And he won!

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