He’s in his 20’s and only got a short time live. This is what he does 3 x a week

There’s guy at my gym whose hair is falling out.

He’s got terminal cancer – he’s only in his 20’s.

Yet, he still goes to the gym at 6am 3 times a week because he wants to enjoy the best quality of life before he passes.

Still goes surfing regularly too – riding 3 metrewaves on the Mornington Peninsula.

Talk about sucking the juice out of life – and making the best of a tough situation.

So even while you’re striving for riches – and why not, because it’s good to have choices – make sure you’re appreciating everything you’ve got.

Because, everyday you can walk, see, hear, and feel, is a good day.

Appreciate it. Give thanks. Spend time with your loved ones.

Enjoy the journey as you build your fortune.

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