(Hoarding mania) Would you buy this house?

Have you heard about the famous ‘Bondi Hoarders’ house?

The owners of this house in beautiful Bondi, sadly seem to have a mental affliction that makes them not want to throw away Junk.

So my goodness, there’s a lot of it:

The family who own the home have already had to pay $180,000 in fees to the council because of the disrepair of their property.

And they are running out of money to pay the council fees – so they need to sell the home.

It’s expected they’ll get about $2 million for it, because of the land value of this blue-chip location.

Would you buy this house? Do you think the price is fair?

This is what’s makes the property market interesting.

Sometimes you can find properties with unique situations, that enable you to get a property for a steal.

Not in this situation – especially because of the media storm.

But it definitely does happen.

For example, Todd Polke was able to buy a Sydney property for $110,000 under market value….without even going to real estate.com.au or hard ball negotiation.

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