“Houdini” Secret to Triple Your Sales

One of my hobbies is magic.

Give me a bunch of 4 year old’s at a Christmas party and they will be “bewildered” by my amazing tricks.

(Any older than that and they cotton on pretty quick)….

However, while I am not great at magic – I do love watching masters of sleight of hand.

The most amazing trick I ever saw was a magician who had an audience member mark a card…

Then, he put the card into the deck….and put the deck into the audience members hand.

And, when they opened their hand it contained a sealed deck with the plastic wrap still on it.

And, when they opened the sealed deck.

You guessed it… the marked card was in there – in the right order.

I still have zero clues how that was done.
Now, marketing legend John Dwyer (JD) does a similar thing with marketing…

But, his magic, is to take customers eyes off the price….

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You see, magicians will explain sleight of hand by telling you:

‘The swiftness of the hand deceives the eye’.

But, they say that to misdirect you.

Because magic is really the art of ‘misdirection’.

And, in some ways it’s the same with sales and marketing.

For example, let’s say you have customers who want to challenge your prices.

You have to move their focus away from the price of your services.

Here are a some examples of businesses who do this well:
● McDonald’s and the Happy Meal.
● Kinder Surprise and the ‘Surprise’
● Qantas and Frequent Flyer points

And, JD has also used this secret very successfully as well.

For example, when marketing a bank’s home loan he didn’t even mention the interest rate.

Instead, he gave away a free holiday with every new home loan sign up.

The result? The bank tripled it’s home loan share at record speed – without having to haggle over interest rates with each new sign up.

(Oh and the holiday cost less, than the bank was used to giving away in interest rate discounts).

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