How 3 investing secrets gave this guy a 1,200-property portfolio!


Robert Kiyosaki has invested in over 1,200 properties.

This would be impossible to do the way that most of us are taught to invest.

The banks would just stop lending you money after 2 or 3 deals because you ran out of borrowing power or serviceability.

Especially in today’s “APRA-OCOLYPSE” – investors are being knocked out left right and centre.

So, what’s Robert’s secret? He credits it to 3 simple rules.

  1. “Super-Cashflow” from Each Property – Each property must give him a healthy net passive income from day 1 – after all expenses.  Non-negotiable.
  1.  “Recycling Equity to get an Infinite ROI” – He uses the equity uplift from each deal to fund the next one – so he rarely runs out of deposits.

Because his view is, when you are using the ‘banks money’ to make money…you are effectively getting an infinite ROI….because you didn’t put any money into the deal!

  1. Secure Healthy Streams of “Phantom Cashflow.  Robert also makes sure he gets maximum depreciation from each deal. He calls this ‘Phantom cashflow’, because it can add up to $10,000 per year per property to your net cashflow per property

Here’s what’s even more amazing.

A Sydney investor using these 3 exact rules to make up to $6,000 per week passive income (that’s money in her pocket, after property expenses and loan repayments, but pre-tax).

How many property investors do you know who even get half that amount?

What does she know that they don’t?

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