How a 35 yr. old guy from Brisbane made 10 years’ income in 9 months through one property deal

When property investor Nhan Nguyen saw this block of land, he saw a golden opportunity.

He negotiated with the owners for a few months – and finally he was able to secure it at a fair price.

He immediately set to work in getting council approval to split the land into 13 lots.

Then, 9 months after settling it he had sold the majority of the blocks.

The final result: Around $850,000 profit

Now, the average Australian wage is about $80,000.

In this one deal Nhan made 10 x that for himself and his co-investors in the project!

Now, you don’t need to start of doing a project of this size. In fact, you probably shouldn’t.

As Nhan says ‘Think Big, & Start Small’.

But what if you could split one block of land into 4 or even 2 lots?

You could still make a handsome profit – that could potentially far exceed your annual salary.

And the best part is…there could be deals like this within a short walk of your own house.

You just need to know how to find them. The good news is Nhan’s going to show you how at his new free event.

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