How a dead broke artist made $200 million in one ‘dumb’ move

In 2005 a graffiti artist was commissioned to paint the walls of a start-up company

They didn’t have the money to pay him – so they paid him shares of the company.

At the time he didn’t want the shares.

He wanted cold-hard-cash – like most of us would have!

In fact, he may even have thought this was a ‘dumb move’.

But, luckily for him now that company is one that you may have heard of…


And those shares are now worth $200 million!

This struggling artist is now rich – and free to do as he wishes for the rest of his life.

Travel the world….own beautiful homes….live by the beach.

The world is his playground.

Now, often we property investors can acquire “undervalued” assets just like this painter.

Obviously, they are unlikely to ever be worth $200 million.

But you can certainly secure properties at well under market value.

And, then “add value” so the properties are worth a lot more.

In fact, for many of Nhan’s students this is what they do for a living.

And they might only work 20 hours a week doing it – and yet make as much in a year as a Lawyer or Dentist doing it.

The most amazing part? Often they are able to do this, without funding the deals themselves.

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